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Smoothie Workshops offer you Healthy Meals to take home!  Learn some easy, nutritious recipes to put in your freezer, simply pull out your ‘meal to go’ and add to a blender with a  liquid of choice.   To Find out more or register for a workshop click here

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Fresh Start Cleanse Program   Kick Start your Summer with a proven system including personal support, recipes, facebook community, yummy smoothies and supplements.  Designed by Nedra Sahr who has her Masters in Nutrition and over 30 years experience in preventative Healthcare.

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5 Week Cleansing Program based on Remove, Replace, Restore & Rebuild the body. You’ll love the new way of eating and will enjoy the extra energy, clear thinking and feeling happier!   Next Group begins on July 18th

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Week 3 of Fresh Start Cleanse:  Just a quick note to let you know I am doing well and I am down to 237.6 Lbs total loss so far of 17 lbs. and my blood sugar is down to 5.8. So I am on the right path. Still doing one smoothie a day mostly and eating only my vegetables and protein a few eggs here and there.  I’m choosing to continue with no rice, bread or pasta.”  K. Angelatos, May 2016

“It’s been a fantastic journey so far. I have not found a routine that keeps off weight like the Fresh Start Cleanse and the Reset program! Happy to say that 2 months ago I lost 6 lbs and have been able to keep it off due to a changed way of choosing my food intake and using the Shaklee products !!! I highly recommend this way of helping with your goals in choosing a better way of eating and living healthy!” S. Rush, May 2016

5 Day Reset Challenge

5 Day Reset facebook photo I’ve been a Health Advocate for over 25 years and am Certified Holistic Life Coach 

If you’re looking for a safe, effective and easy cleanse this program really works to reset the metabolism.  You are provided with daily tips and recipes, a Facebook Group and Email support.
Next Challenge Begins on June 20th  Join Here

 $60 Gives you 3 Meals per Day + Snack for 5 Days!!  What a   deal!!    or Choose the Detox option for $163 including shipping and taxes.  You receive 3 Meals/day +  Protein Snack for 5 Days + all Cleansing Vitamins for 4 weeks.

One on One Consultations  Complementary 15 minute Discovery Call  Book your FREE Discovery Session here   


  • Customized Packages to Meet your Needs offering a Daily Action Plan including Nutrition, Lifestyle and Fitness, Vitamin Recommendations, Recipes and  Healthy Weight for Life Plans
  • Seminars & Presentations  – Group Events such as Corporate Lunch and Learns, Networking Groups, Conferences, Wellness Fairs
  • Writing blogs and Articles on a variety of health topics

Want a more a 1 on 1 Coaching Experience? No problem..I can accommodate what fits your needs and budget!IMG_04885 one Hour Sessions   (via phone or zoom online private chat room)

Book when it fits your needs with a 3 month expiry.   What you Receive:

  •  Encouragement, Support & Accountability  * Clarity around your goals and your “Why”
  • Alignment with your Values & Passion  * Step by Step Daily Action Plan to get you RESULTS!
  • Identifying your Triggers and Creating your “Plan” for sustainable change  *Ongoing support through email
  • Free Gift for Purchasing a 5 Session Pkg  $299    1 Session:  $ 75     Sign Up Now!!

30 Day Energizer Package

Feeling Tired and Stressed? Take a Breath, help is on the Way!
Are you a busy woman that wakes up exhausted? Is your sleep interrupted by stress, fears and the never ending to do list? If you feel out of balance and unsatisfied with your health and lifestyle… This proven Energize Your Life Package can be just the solution for a NEW vibrant and energized you!! In working with me, you’ll feel more relaxed, happy with your health, balanced with time to do what you love, have more Fun and Feel Fantastic!

  • The 30 Day Energizer Package will:
  • Lead you step by step to new daily habits to transform your body and lifestyle
  • Help you feel supported and encouraged as you create and implement new eating habits, exercise and lifestyle routines that are fun and life-changing!
  • Make Meal times easy with new fast, nutritious & yummy recipes- Turn you into a “Smoothie Queen”

This Crazy Fun Package Gives you:
• (4) 1 hour Support Coaching Sessions via the phone or private online zoom chat + Email Support ($300 value)
• Daily Action Plan to keep you focused and motivated by tracking your results
Bonuses Are Fun!!
• 1 Month supply vitamins + 1 Meal Replacement Smoothie per day(Shaklee) ($170 value)
What others are saying… “Judy has always tried to find ways around my roadblocks, and encouraged me even when I wanted to quit. She looks at all aspects of life to ensure success.” D. Thomson “Judy’s insight was just what I needed to put the ideas in my head into a executable plan that I am now implementing…and feeling better already!! Her straight forward and common-sense approach is refreshing. If you have been wondering ‘how can I feel better’ without some crazy unrealistic one week fix and are ready for a real plan, I would highly recommend meeting with Judy.” D. Hansen


“Overwhelm to Results” Online Coaching SeriesUrlaub in der Provence 18. - 21. Maerz 2008

  • Step by Step Actions to Reach a Healthier, Balanced Lifestyle
    4 Week Online Group Coaching Series & Fundraiser Kelowna Women’s Shelter
  •  Have you ever felt Overwhelmed…Terrified to Make a Change…Paralyzed   by Fear…Can’t stick to a New Plan?
    Turn this Overwhelm into Clarity with a Clear Daily Action Plan for Results (Health, Mindset, Lifestyle Changes, Creating more Balance in Your Day) in a 4 Part Group Series
  • “Judy’s insight was just what I needed to put the ideas in my head into an executable plan that I’m now implementing..and feeling better already! Her straightforward and common sense approach is refreshing. If you’ve been wondering ‘how I can feel better’ without some crazy unrealistic 1 week fix, and are ready for a real plan, I would highly recommend working with Judy.” Crystal H.
  • Each week you will have access to a 1 hour Group Coaching Call with Accountability
  • Includes a Weekly Hand Out
  • You will have support Finding Clarity & Developing a Step by Step Plan to Reach and Maintain Long Term Results around your Health, Mindset & Lifestyle. Create the Balanced and Fulfilled Life you Deserve!
  • Connection with other like-hearted women with similar challenges to Support, Encourage & Learn from    
  • Feel Supported, Understood and Motivated to Step outside your Comfort Zone and Reach Beyond   What’s Holding you Back. Enjoy Sharing & Interacting…Results are Waiting for You!
  • Week 1: Identifying What’s Out of Balance – Clarity Around Your Goals
    (Your reason for making a change – Health: Diet, Exercise, Mindset, Healthier Weight..)
    Week 2: Your Story & Your Why – Vision Board with Values & Beliefs
    Week 3: Jumping Into Action – Setting up your Personal Plan around Your Why & Goals
    Week 4: Your Road to Long Term Results – Sustainable, Specific & Measurable
    (Knowing your Triggers & Keeping on the Course)
    Investment in Yourself: Only $99  (Regular Price $149)
    10% Donated to Kelowna Women’s Shelter
    Only 5 Spots  Available