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Judy Holt

My name is Judy Holt, my passion is to inspire others to discover their inner strength in order to make changes to reach a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. I am a Personal Health Coach.

I’m a Certified Holistic Life Coach and received my Certification from the Spencer Institute.  I have been involved in the preventative Health Industry for over 20 years where I offer nutritional consulting with a more recent addition to a Holistic model where all areas of wellness are addressed.  My focus is to help you reach and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  A healthy mind leads to a healthy body which leads to a healthy weight.  A Holistic Life Coach offers coaching in all areas of wellness: nutrition, diet, exercise, mindset and lifestyle, and supports you to create a more ‘balanced’ approach as a whole.

Early Stages

I grew up on a farm in Northern BC and had a real love of nature.  My large family with 6 brothers and sisters really practiced the meaning of ‘living off the land’.  We raised all our own animals, chickens for eggs, vegetables, berries..we ate basically everything we grew or raised ourselves.

During my hours of working on the farm as a child and teenager, I grew to appreciate nature and all it offered for an optimum healthy body.  In my early 20’s I was introduced to packaged foods and immediately recognized the difference in how I felt.  When I got married and started my own family I soon realized the huge value of returning to natural whole foods and began my 25 year journey of education in the Health industry.  I learned many holistic natural practices that made a big impact on my own family’s health over the years.  When friends and family consistently asked me for advice, I realized it was a natural fit to become a “Health Coach”.

Career Start

At 19 I was assaulted in my home and that led to discovering my inner strength…I knew if I could survive this attack on my body that I could survive anything life threw at me.  The recovery of this violation led me to realize I needed to make some big changes and encouraged me to take a new path with my life.  I moved away from my hometown, family and friends and began a new life in a new city.  I believe the strength and belief in myself to do this big change came from the attack.  This encouraged me to help others work through adversity.

Years of education through formal and practical led me to discover my passion to make a huge difference for others by empowering them to discover ways to create a healthier lifestyle.  I was introduced to Shaklee products during this time period and noticed a real difference in my own body with taking their supplements and using the non-toxic household products.  I began to share those benefits through my Health Coaching to offer a solution for common ailments such as: lack of energy, allergies, weight loss, stronger immune system, environmental toxicity, detoxification and candida cleanses, ADD and ADHD and childhood illness.

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: an active position in life.