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Healthy Eating for Summer Travels

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Do you ever feel it’s impossible to eat healthy while on vacation so you just give up and eat whatever you’d like?  How do you feel afterwards or when you return home with discover you gained weight, feel bloated and guilty for your indulgences?

What if you could make healthier choices by setting yourself up for success while traveling and feel amazing during your trip and after your home?  Here’s 5 Tips that have worked well for me:

  • Before you leave plan snacks and meals ahead and buy the food you’ll need to prepare. (Works for driving trips). Pack your mini travel cooler in your vehicle and a larger cooler in the trunk. (ie: Veggie/Fruit Smoothies to go, Meal Replacement Protein powder and Juice/Liquid of Choice to mix on the run, Fruit, Pre-washed lettuce and veggies for a quick salad, home-made dressing in a mason jar) Add some mixed nuts, Protein snack bars in a purse or backpack.
  • Avoid gas station junk food attraction by pre-making your own muffins, granola bars, raw veggies and a bag of washed fruit. Eat before you stop so you’re not tempted.
  • When eating out, choose the ‘healthier fast food options’ that have salads and lower fat choices such as Pita Pit, Subway (can have a whole salad on your bun), Jugo Juice (add your own Protein Supplement for a while meal).  Avoid the temptation of junk food smells, but eating before passing by so you’re already satisfied.
  • Keep Hydrated (even if it means lots of bathroom breaks) – when we’re dehydrated we crave a lot more food. Pack large jugs of filtered water with added lemon or lime slices so it tastes good even when not cold. Keep re-filling a smaller water bottle.  If tempted by the Starbucks or Coffee Shops on the way, order a Green Tea Lemonade for a lower sweet option or just a hot water and fill your ‘to go’ mug and add your own teabags.
  • Exercise whenever you can: When we don’t move we simply don’t burn the calories. Hours of sitting still followed by consistent snacking = weight gain. Whenever you can go for a short power walk, stretch while at a gas station or lineup, in a hotel room or while sitting. Stay in hotels with swimming pools and gyms or close to outdoor parks.

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