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Energize your Spring with a Cleanse!

Imagine a Refreshed & Energizing SpringGroup of different fruit and vegetables

Did you know that most muscle aches and pain come from inflammation in the body? It’s been called the silent killer for good reason, if ignored eventually you end up with disease and muscular pain.
– Reducing or preventing inflammation can be done by incorporating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables daily and avoiding high amounts of red meat, dairy products, excessive fried foods, sugar and alcohol. Unfortunately this makes up the average North American diet. Getting back to nature as much as possible is taking a natural and holistic approach to your health. We were not meant to ‘eat out of a box’, but to forage off the land for our food. As a society we have gotten so far away from this.
Tips for Preventing Inflammation & Keeping Healthy this Spring:
• Consider a cleanse that resets the metabolism and teaches new eating habits that incorporate 8-12 servings of raw or steamed veggies, berries or fruits daily.
• Increase Exercise to a minimum of 30 minutes per day
• Avoid excess ‘silent killer’ foods such as fried greasy items. Limit Dairy products and red meat to every other day or 3 times per week. Replace milk with almond or coconut milk.
• Consider the ‘hidden sugars’ in your diet such as baking, sauces, condiments and salad dressings. Begin replacing with alternative natural sweeteners such as dates for cooking and make your own salad dressings with olive oil, unsweetened balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic and lemon juice. Add some fresh herbs.
• Increase your water intake – if you get headaches, have muscle aches and are tired a lot, you maybe dehydrated. Begin your day with a large glass of room temperature water with ½ fresh squeezed lemon, and 1 tbsp of Apple Cider vinegar. Add lemon, lime or fruit wedges to your water bottle so it tastes better and cleanses you throughout the day, and always carry with you.
• When shopping avoid the center aisles where the package food is contained. Shop the fresh area loading up on fresh vegetables and fruits first (or go to the local farms or farmer’s markets). Avoid the bakery section so you won’t be tempted by the high carb and sugary treats.
• Be prepared when you leave the house – for Lunch pack a salad in a jar or smoothie in a to go cup. For snacks: raw veggies, fruit, nuts or a protein bar for a snack.
• Smoothies for breakfast or lunch – the easiest way to get a lot of fruits and vegetables at one time.
• Get enough sleep! Did you know that when the body gets even 1 hour less sleep per night a hormone is released that actually makes you hungrier?
Here’s a quick smoothie recipe to get you started: ½ banana, 2 large strawberries or any berry, 4-5 small spinach leaves, 1 cup of almond milk or 1 tbsp unsweetened greek yogurt and 1 cup water
Some Cleanses to Consider: 5 Day Reset https://www.facebook.com/shaklee5dayreset/?fref=ts
Fresh Start cleanse program: https://www.facebook.com/freshstart.jhhealthcoaching/?fref=ts