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Goodbye Allergies, Feeling Tired & Excess Weight

thWhat are you doing for your Nutrition this month?  It’s a great time for spring cleaning – our homes and our bodies.  Do you want to feel more vitalized or reach a healthier weight?  More Energy?  Do you suffer from allergies at this time of year? Imagine the benefits of digestive and immune support…

Simple things you can do & share with others to join you:

  • go on a Cleanse (5 Day Reset Challenge or Fresh Start 5 Week Lifestyle Change) – it doesn’t have to be a huge deprivation to be on a Cleanse..think of it as a way to detoxify and give one of your hardest working and most under-appreciated organs, your liver, a chance to have a rest!  5 Day Reset facebook photo
  • Avoid sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol and meat for a short period of time to give your digestion and liver a break
  • Drink a lot more water with lemon, lime, cucumber, mango, or mint (or all for some fun!)
  • Get more SLEEP!! Min. 8 hours per night despite that you ‘think you feel ok with 6 or 7’
  • Shed some inches around the waistline by increasing your fitness to a minimum of 30 minutes per day & doing a Cleanse
  • Add some detoxifying supplements to aide in your cleanse (gentle Herbal Laxative,#Liver Cleanser, #Alfafa & Probiotic)

If all of the above is too much for you, how about choosing 1 to begin with? How about challenging your family and friends to also choose 1 thing to improve their nutrition this month and jump on a challenge together?

I’d love to support you…find out more here