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Healthy Weight for Life

It’s the time of year when the weight loss industry is booming. There’s something about the word ‘loss’ that seems to give the image of losing something…what if you’re not ready to lose? Are you someone that is more positive and wants to ‘win’ instead?
How about a Healthy Weight for life plan instead? A sustainable daily lifestyle change to keep your body at its healthy weight. Fad weight loss programs are often not sustainable and slow down your metabolism by losing muscle and fat.
Here are some tips:
1) Always Eat Breakfast! Skipping this vitally important meal means your blood sugar is imbalanced which can lead to cravings for sweets, high carbohydrate foods and caffeine later. (Best is to eat within 1 hour of rising)
2) Add more Exercise Daily: Minimum 30 minutes per day (preferably early in the day before other day activities take up your time – Cardio and Stretches, Yoga, Walk, online fitness mini work-outs) Goal: 1 hour per day
3) Have Protein with every snack and meal – Avoid the cravings with eating adequate protein which will keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day (i.e. boiled egg, almonds, apple, protein bar, protein powder added to a smoothie, rice cake with peanut or almond butter)
4) Eat every 3 – 4 hours – Any longer and your body is in starvation mode and you start to store fat, and you will be more tempted to ‘binge’ eat in the evening hours to make up for this loss of calories.
5) Take Breaks throughout the day – Mini exercise and stretch breaks (10 minutes) to burn some extra calories and keep your energy level high. A high energy level = reduced risk of craving.
6) Eat a Balanced Diet – 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, (raw or steamed is best), minimal dairy and red meat, minimal breads and cereals. Packaged and processed foods will be more empty calories and filled with preservatives. Whole, organic and raw foods offer higher nutritional content, are more natural and absorbable, and therefore nourish your body keeping you full longer.
7) Avoid Evening Snacking – If you eat dinner before 7pm and stay up at least 3 hours after dinner, then a small snack no later than ½ hour before going to bed is ok. Crackers, piece of fruit..something easy to break done so your body isn’t digesting while you’re trying to go to sleep. Avoid eating large big dinners after 7 pm and junk food snacking when your metabolism is slower.

Set yourself up for a Healthy Weight for life plan by keeping a balanced diet, eating only when you’re hungry, avoiding overeating, enjoying your food with slow eating without distractions, being aware of how you feel when you are eating, adding more raw foods and increasing exercise.
I love my morning smoothie with at 3 or 4 servings of fruits and vegetables and Leucine-filled Protein supplement to balance blood sugar and keep me feeling satisfied for hours.    https://jhlifestyles.myshaklee.com/can/en/shop/healthyweight
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