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Finding Joy – Perfection Isn’t In Things

How to Set Yourself Free From the Pursuit of Perfection

Perfection is in the silent spaces between things—the spaces between our thoughts or our breaths. Recognize the spaces and you’ll recognize the perfection. Make space and time in your life for the perfection to shine through. Pause every once in awhile, look at your life, and begin to recognize the perfection that’s already there.

Vedantic teachings help us learn how to let go of the pursuit of perfection.

Fearlessness—fear contracts and limits our freedom, perfection is unbounded. Remember it’s your universe; transmute fear into love.

Truthfulness—perfection demands openness, honesty and integrity. Be true to yourself. Know when to speak and when to say nothing.

Generosity—perfection is to give fully from the abundance of life and be grateful for all that life offers in return. Perfection is to say “thank you” for everything.

Forgiveness—we can always forgive the person, whose essence is perfect, even if we can’t forgive the imperfect act. If we can’t forgive, we are the ones who suffer.

Non-attachment—be bold with your desires, but remain detached from the outcome of your desire.  Non-attachment is saying, “This is what I think I want but, if there’s something better, it’s OK to send that instead.” Allow the wisdom of uncertainty to shower you with its perfect blessings.

Patience—perfection is eternal; find it in stillness of meditation. Water it daily with your presence, watch it grow, and enjoy its fruits.

Compassion—look for the perfection in everyone and everything. It’s sometimes well hidden, so look carefully.  In the Koran it says, “God recognizes how much we love Him by how we treat other people.”

Joy—if there isn’t joy in your life, do something to change it.

Surrender—when we give everything to the Divine, we have nothing to worry about.

Nothing in the external world can give you perfection and no one can make you perfect. Stop waiting for someone or something to change. Instead, shift your attention and your attitude. Perfection is your essence; you were born with it. Now enjoy it.

– Article from the Chopra Center