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Are you Ready for Change?

This is a double edged question…sometimes we feel ready to make a change but when we begin we get sidetracked by self doubt, other’s opinions and a shaky belief that we have what it takes to do it.
Does this sound like you?


Some strategies I have found work well for me:

1) Have a very Clear and Specific Goal

2) Know your WHY – if it’s not big enough, every sacrifice will be too hard to make

3) Get Support early on in the Game – Support from the closest people to you, partner, family, friends..anyone that is close and influential

4) Set up a Weekly Action Plan that is Specific, ie: Goal: Increasing Exercise to Lose Weight and Feel more Energized
Plan: I will get up 30 minutes earlier on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to walk with a friend

5) Set Yourself up for Success – Make sure your Weekly Action Plan is Doable & Realistic (If you can’t sustain the plan, it’s not realistic).

6) Be Flexible & Compassionate with Yourself – If you have a crazy work schedule coming up, this is not the time to begin a big change in your routine, begin and maintain when you are less busy.

7) Have Fun! Add variety and a fun, social component to the change so it’s more likely to be sustainable (ie. Sign up for a new Exercise class with a friend that commits to a grouping of a few classes)

8) Measure Results – If you want to Shed some Weight and Feel More Energized, monitor your daily eating and exercise with a Daily Diary for 2 weeks. How do you feel at the end this time period? Are you motivated to continue because your clothes are feeling loser and you have more Energy? The Daily Food & Exercise Diary helps you to become aware of patterns that aren’t serving you and Reward Yourself for ones that are!

Human nature is to gravitate toward pleasure and move away from pain. Make your “change” pleasurable and set yourself up for long term success.

I know you can do it!!

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